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Please send me a note if you encounter any bugs in the Fiddler book.

You can do so either by clicking Help > Send Feedback from inside Fiddler, or email me directly: [email protected].

Please include the Book Version number from the copyright page, and tell me whether you're reading the paperback or the ebook/PDF.

thanks for your help!

Second Edition Errata

Error #1 Fixed in v2.0.1
Typo-The property bHasResponse was spelled incorrectly (bHasReponse) in the table of contents and on page 230.

First Edition Errata

Error #1 Fixed in version 1.0.3

The description of the Web Sessions List's Save submenu incorrectly listed the All Sessions... command. This command is only available on the Main Menu's File > Save submenu.

Error #2 Fixed in version 1.0.3

The description of the AutoResponder's header Action incorrectly suggested that the header would be set on the matching Web Session's Response. It is actually added to the Request.


Set a Request header to a specified value. For instance, use *header:Cache-Control=no-cache to indicate that a server or proxy should not return a cached response. Leave the value blank to delete the named header.

Error #3 Fixed in version 1.0.4

On Page 184, the SendDataStruct structure definition is missing the specification of the character set used to marshal the structure. This could cause the string to be interpreted incorrectly as ANSI instead of Unicode.

    [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Unicode)]

    internal struct SendDataStruct


      public IntPtr dwData;

      public int cbData;

      public string strData;


Error #4 Fixed in version 1.0.4

On Page 99, the flag value was set incorrectly. Instead of:

      oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "";

it should be:

      oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "socks=";

For the errata listed above, please note:

  1. Page numbers refer to the paper edition. The EBook edition is numbered differently due to differences in the size of the margins.


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