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Configuring Columns

Column Reordering, Resizing, and Sorting

You can reorder the columns by dragging a column header to the left or the right. You can resize a given column by dragging the edge of a column header. You can sort the Session List based on the values in a particular column by clicking on that column's header.

Fiddler will remember the columns' display order and width across sessions. The sort order is always reset to sort on ID (Ascending) when Fiddler is restarted.

Adding Custom Columns

You can bind columns in three distinct ways.

#1 Use QuickExec to add a column for just this debugging instance

You can add columns manually using the QuickExec box. The syntax is

    cols add [Title] FlagName 

Type commands like:

     cols add @Request.Accept
     cols add "Client IP Address" X-CLIENTIP

The final parameter is either a Fiddler Session Flag string, or an @Request.-prefixed or @Response.-prefixed header name.

Note, columns added using QuickExec will be removed on every restart of Fiddler. To add persistent columns, keep reading...

#2: FiddlerScript BindUIColumn Attribute

From FiddlerScript, you can simply add a method labeled with the BindUIColumn attribute:

       public static BindUIColumn("HTTPMethod")
       function CalcMethodCol(oS: Session){
              if (null != oS.oRequest) return oS.oRequest.headers.HTTPMethod; else return String.Empty;


       public static BindUIColumn("Time Taken")
       function CalcTimingCol(oS: Session){
       var sResult = String.Empty;
         if ((oS.Timers.ServerDoneResponse > oS.Timers.ClientDoneRequest))
           sResult = (oS.Timers.ServerDoneResponse - oS.Timers.ClientDoneRequest).ToString();
         return sResult;

Fiddler will run the method on each session to fill the custom column.  (To avoid exceptions, be sure that your method is robust and checks to ensure that objects exist before use!)

There are four overloads for BindUIColumn that allow you to set the width, display order, and whether the column should be sorted numerically.

BindUIColumn(string colName)
BindUIColumn(string colName, bool bSortColumnNumerically)
public BindUIColumn(string colName, int iColWidth)
public BindUIColumn(string colName, int iColWidth, int iDisplayOrder)

#3 FiddlerScript AddBoundColumn

Alternatively, from FiddlerScript you can call the AddBoundColumn() method.  The first parameter is the name with which the column should be named, and the second parameter is the default width of the column. The third parameter is either a Fiddler Session Flag string, an @-prefixed-header name, or a JavaScript function that returns a string. 

       static function Main()
              FiddlerObject.UI.lvSessions.AddBoundColumn("ClientPort", 50, "X-ClientPort");
              FiddlerObject.UI.lvSessions.AddBoundColumn("SentCookie1", 60, getSentCookie);
              FiddlerObject.UI.lvSessions.AddBoundColumn("SentCookie2", 60, "@request.Cookie");
              FiddlerObject.UI.lvSessions.AddBoundColumn("ReturnedCookie", 60, "@response.Set-Cookie");


       static function getSentCookie(oS: Session){ if (null != oS.oRequest) return oS.oRequest["Cookie"]; }

From an IFiddlerExtension, you can use the AddBoundColumn method, passing a getColumnStringDelegate as the third parameter.

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