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WebSocket Class
The WebSocket class represents a "tunnel" through which WebSocket messages flow. The class' messages may be deserialized from a SAZ file.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Fiddler
Assembly: FiddlerCore4 (in FiddlerCore4.dll) Version:
public class WebSocket : ITunnel

The WebSocket type exposes the following members.

Public methodCloseTunnel
Interface Method Close the WebSocket and signal the event to let its service thread die. Also called by oSession.Abort() WARNING: This should not be allowed to throw any exceptions, because it will do so on threads that don't catch them, and this will kill the application.
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Protected methodOnReceiveFromClient
Called when we have received data from the local client.
Protected methodOnReceiveFromServer
Called when we have received data from the remote host. Incoming data will immediately be forwarded to the local client.
Public methodToString (Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public fieldlistMessages
Public propertyEgressByteCount
Returns number of bytes sent from the Client to the Server on this WebSocket
Public propertyIngressByteCount
Returns number of bytes sent from the Server to the Client on this WebSocket
Public propertyIsOpen
Is this WebSocket open/connected?
Public propertyMessageCount
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