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WinINETProxyInfo Class
Wrapper for WinINET proxy configuration APIs
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Fiddler
Assembly: FiddlerCore4 (in FiddlerCore4.dll) Version:
public class WinINETProxyInfo

The WinINETProxyInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCreateFromNamedConnection
Gathers proxy information from a named connection.
Public methodStatic memberCreateFromStrings
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Public methodGetFromWinINET
Fills this WinINETProxyInfo instance with settings from specified WinINET connection.
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Public methodToString
Get a string describing the proxy settings
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public propertybAllowDirect
TRUE if a direct HTTP connection may be made if AutoProxy/PAC is unreachable or corrupt
Public propertybAutoDetect
Bool indicating whether this connection is set to autodetect the proxy
Public propertybBypassIntranetHosts
True if the proxy should be bypassed for dotless hostnames. NOTE: Simply looks at the bypassList string to see if it contains a LOCAL rule.
Public propertybUseManualProxies
TRUE if manually-specified proxy should be used.
Public propertysFtpProxy
String representing the endpoint of the proxy for FTP-traffic, if configured
Public propertysHostsThatBypass
Semi-colon delimited list of hostnames that should bypass the fixed proxy
Public propertysHttpProxy
String representing the endpoint of the proxy for HTTP-traffic, if configured
Public propertysHttpsProxy
String representing the endpoint of the proxy for HTTPS-traffic, if configured
Public propertysPACScriptLocation
Returns a string pointing to the ProxyAutoConfig script, or null if there is no such URL or it is not enabled
Public propertysSocksProxy
String representing the endpoint of the proxy for SOCKS-traffic, if configured
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