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ValidateServerCertificateEventArgs Class
These EventArgs are passed to the FiddlerApplication.OnValidateServerCertificate event handler when a server-provided HTTPS certificate is evaluated
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Namespace: Fiddler
Assembly: FiddlerCore4 (in FiddlerCore4.dll) Version:
public class ValidateServerCertificateEventArgs : EventArgs

The ValidateServerCertificateEventArgs type exposes the following members.

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Public propertyCertificatePolicyErrors
The SslPolicyErrors found during default certificate evaluation.
Public propertyExpectedCN
The SubjectCN (e.g. Hostname) that should be expected on this HTTPS connection, based on the request's Host property.
Public propertyServerCertificate
The X509Certificate provided by the server to vouch for its authenticity
Public propertyServerCertificateChain
The server's certificate chain.
Public propertySession
The Session for which a HTTPS certificate was received.
Public propertyTargetPort
The port to which this request was targeted
Public propertyValidityState
Set this property to override the certificate validity
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